how to avoid it malware and What is

Malware is any piece of software that is harmful to a computer. It is simply short for ‘malicious software’ and they are usually manufactured with the sole purpose of doing damage by sneaking into the computer without the owner’s knowledge. Malware is often responsible for a wide variety of negative functions such as stealing data, monitoring the activity of a computer user, hijacking the computer or even changing computing functions. Examples of malware include viruses, worms, adware, Trojan, ransomware, spyware, and scareware etc.

Some signs that your computer may be affected by malware are new icons or software you have no recollection of installing or an increase in the number of pop up ads you encounter while browsing. If your computer is crashing repeatedly or abnormally slow, or you find yourself being redirected to unwanted sites, that might be an indication that you are under a malware attack.

We all don’t mind going to any length to protect our physical environment but when you consider how big a role computers play in our lives, we should probably make a similar or even greater effort to protect our cyber environment as well. Some ways we can avoid malware from ruining our tech gadgets include the following.

Published on: 12/8/18, 7:04 PM